On my return to New Zealand, I started working within the event delivery team at Tauranga City Council’s event department. A job I was overqualified for, but really enjoyed. This was down to the wonderful team I had working around me, and the fact I was reconnecting with my dad’s home town of Tauranga.
It was also a very helpful foundation of understanding how New Zealand’s councils work. Sometimes its best to go back to basics to remember why you do what you do.

Assisting with the delivery of Paradox Street Art festival, a 12 week festival in Tauranga designed to inject a new reason to visit to the CBD, I organised multiple aspects of the festival including the launch party, downtown events, film festivals, silent auctions and bombie comps.

Whilst at TCC I assisted in facilitating the athletes village for the Tauranga International Marathon, and organised annual events such as the Tauranga Anzac day celebrations.

A brilliant opportunity to understand my Kiwi home town, and I’m so pleased to have been given it.